Special Issue "IoT, IoV, and Blockchain"


A special issue of Emerging Science Journal (ISSN: 2610-9182).

Deadline for manuscript submissions: Closed (10 September 2021).

This special issue belongs to the "Engineering and Technical Sciences" scope.

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Special Issue Editors



Guest Editor: Dr. İlhan Tarimer

Affiliations: Information Systems Engineering Department, Faculty of Technology, Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University, Turkey.

Interests: Information Systems Engineering; Electrical & Electronics Engineering; Computer Engineering; Internet of Things; Wireless Body Area Networks; Blockchain.



Co-Guest Editor: Dr. Naveed Ahmad

Affiliations: Department of Computer Science, University of Peshawer, Pakistan.

Interests: Intelligent Transport System; Security; Privacy; Formal Modelling Delay Tolerant Networking; Multicasting.

Special Issue Information

Importance & Relevance of Topic

The principal concern of “Emerging Science” is to review and chronicle major developments in science that are likely to affect its future course. Particularly, we are currently witnessing the result(s) of developments in technologies of the field of IoT and IoV. These have significant implications in various styles. Recent developments in Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Vehicles (IoV), and Blockchain have significantly expanded the scope of applications.

  • The advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) enabled the creation of networks of physical devices, such as vehicles, home appliances, water, electricity, and air quality meters, trash deposits and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors and actuators which enable these objects to connect and exchange data.
  • Internet of Vehicle (IoV) technology is referred to as dynamic mobile communication systems that can communicate between vehicles and public networks using Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V), Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I), Vehicle-to-Human (V2H), Vehicle-to-Cloud Server (V2C) and Vehicle-to-Sensor (V2S) interactions.
  • As a revolutionary technology, Blockchain provides a practical solution for enabling a secure and decentralized public ledger that allows data and transactions to be recorded in a reliable and verifiable way. Such developments include, but are not limited to, non-blockchain types of distributed ledgers; proposals to cyber security, privacy, fungibility and scalability problems in blockchain networks; systems that combine blockchains with other technologies, including IoT, IoV and others.

Aim and Scope

The purpose of this Special Issue is to bring together the scholars that have contributed to the “Internet of Things and Internet of Vehicles” by promoting alternative explanations of “IoT and IoV” applications. The present special issue is pushing forward our knowledge on Emerging topics and practical considerations in IoT, IoV and blockchain. We welcome original, unpublished research addressing any of the above topics or related to the scope of the special issue.


  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Internet of Vehicles (IoV)
  • Blockchain
  • Wireless Body Area Networks (WBAN)
  • Cyber Security


Deadline for Final Draft of Papers

Closed (10 September 2021)

Reviews and Revisions Period

About 45 days after submission

Notification of Final Decision

About 7 days after revision


After acceptance

Published Papers

Integration of Next Generation IIoT with Blockchain for the Development of Smart Industries
Aamir Iqbal, Mohammad Amir, Vinod Kumar, Aftab Alam, Mohammad Umair
PDF  |   1-17

Cybercrime is Very Dangerous Form of Criminal Behavior and Cybersecurity
Siniša Franjić
PDF  |   18-26

Exploring Critical Success Factors for Blockchain-based Intelligent Transportation Systems
Murat Tahir Çaldağ, Ebru Gökalp
PDF  |   27-44
Overview on the Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Systematics and Their Scalability Tools
Houssein Hellani, Layth Sliman, Abed Ellatif Samhat, Ernesto Exposito
PDF  |   45-69

Minimal Redundancy Linear Array and Uniform Linear Arrays Beamforming Applications in 5G Smart Devices
Satyanand Singh
PDF  |   70-84

Preservation of the Muyu Indigenous Language with an Android-based Dictionary
Beatus Tambaip, Izak Habel Wayangkau, Suwarjono Suwarjono, Martha Loupatty, Aenal Fuad Adam, Hariyanto Hariyanto
PDF  |   85-101
Utilization of IoT for Soil Moisture and Temperature Monitoring System for Onion Growth
Izak Habel Wayangkau, Yosehi Mekiuw, Rachmat Rachmat, Suwarjono Suwarjono, Hariyanto Hariyanto
PDF  |   102-115

Environmental Energy Harvesting Techniques to Power Standalone IoT-Equipped Sensor and Its Application in 5G Communication
Satyanand Singh
PDF  |   116-126

Teachers’ Perception for Integrating Educational Robots and Use as Teaching Assistants in Thai Primary Schools
Kajornpong Poolsawad, Noawanit Songkram, Krerk Piromsopa, Nutthakorn Songkram
PDF  |   127-140

Multi-Perspective Decision-making Cloud Computing Adoption Model for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
Can Sayginer, Tuncay Ercan
PDF  |   141-153

IoT-based Lava Flood Early Warning System with Rainfall Intensity Monitoring and Disaster Communication Technology
Iswanto Suwarno, Alfian Ma’arif, Nia Maharani Raharja, Adhianty Nurjanah, Jazaul Ikhsan, Dyah Mutiarin
PDF  |   154-166

Fingerprint Database Enhancement by Applying Interpolation and Regression Techniques for IoT-based Indoor Localization
Dwi Joko Suroso, Farid Yuli Martin Adiyatma, Panarat Cherntanomwong, Pitikhate Sooraksa
PDF  |   167-189

Developing Data Integrity in an Electronic Health Record System using Blockchain and InterPlanetary File System (Case Study: COVID-19 Data)
Imam Riadi, Tohari Ahmad, Riyanarto Sarno, Purwono Purwono, Alfian Ma'arif
PDF  |   190-206

Factors Affecting SMEs' Intention to Adopt a Mobile Travel Application based on the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT-2)
Iswanto Suwarno, Alfian Ma’arif, Nia Maharani Raharja, Adhianty Nurjanah, Jazaul Ikhsan, Dyah Mutiarin
PDF  |   207-224

Optimization and Evaluation of Authentication System using Blockchain Technology
Imam Riadi, Aulyah Zakilah Ifani, Ridho Surya Kusuma
PDF  |   225-240

Using a Combination of PID Control and Kalman Filter to Design of IoT-based Telepresence Self-balancing Robots during COVID-19 Pandemic
Iswanto Suwarno, Alfian Ma'arif, Nia Maharani Raharja, Tony Khristanto Hariadi, Muhammad Abdus Shomad
PDF  |   241-261