PID-based with Odometry for Trajectory Tracking Control on Four-wheel Omnidirectional Covid-19 Aromatherapy Robot

. Iswanto, Alfian Ma’arif, Nia Maharani Raharja, Gatot Supangkat, Fitri Arofiati, Ravi Sekhar, Dhiya Uddin Rijalusalam


Inhalation therapy is one of the most popular treatments for many pulmonary conditions. The proposed Covid-19 aromatherapy robot is a type of Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) mobile robot that delivers therapeutic vaporized essential oils or drugs needed to prevent or treat Covid-19 infections. It uses four omnidirectional wheels with a controlled speed to possibly move in all directions according to its trajectory. All motors for straight, left, or right directions need to be controlled, or the robot will be off-target. The paper presents omnidirectional four-wheeled robot trajectory tracking control based on PID and odometry. The odometry was used to obtain the robot's position and orientation, creating the global map. PID-based controls are used for three purposes: motor speed control, heading control, and position control. The omnidirectional robot had successfully controlled the movement of its four wheels at low speed on the trajectory tracking with a performance criterion value of 0.1 for the IAEH, 4.0 for MAEH, 0.01 for RMSEH, 0.00 for RMSEXY, and 0.06 for REBS. According to the experiment results, the robot's linear velocity error rate is 2%, with an average test value of 1.3 percent. The robot heading effective error value on all trajectories is 0.6%. The robot's direction can be monitored and be maintained at the planned trajectory.


Doi: 10.28991/esj-2021-SPER-13

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PID Control; Odometry; Four Wheel Omni Directional; Aromatherapy Robot; Trajectory Tracking Control; Feedback Control.


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DOI: 10.28991/esj-2021-SPER-13


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