Analytical Study of Bending Characteristics of an Elastic Rectangular Plate using Direct Variational Energy Approach with Trigonometric Function

F. C. Onyeka, B. O. Mama


In this paper, an analytical three-dimensional (3D) bending characteristic of an isotropic rectangular thick plate with all edges simply supported (SSSS) and carrying uniformly distributed transverse load using the energy technique is presented. The three-dimensional constitutive relations which involves six stress components were used in the established, refined shear deformation theory to obtain a total potential energy functional. This theory obviates application of the shear correction factors for the solution to the problem. The governing equation of a thick plate was obtained by minimizing the total potential energy functional with respect to the out of plane displacement. The deflection functions which are in form of trigonometric were obtained as the solution of the governing equation. These deflection functions which are the product of the coefficient of deflection and shape function of the plate were substituted back into the energy functional, thereafter a realistic formula for calculating the deflection and stresses were obtained through minimizations with respect to the rotations and deflection coefficients. The values of the deflections and stresses obtained herein were tabulated and compared with those of previous 3D plate theory, refined plate theories and, classical plate theory (CPT) accordingly. It was observed that the result obtained herein varied more with those of CPT and RPT by 25.39% and 21.09% for all span-to-thickness ratios respectively. Meanwhile, the recorded percentage differences are as close as 7.17% for all span-to-thickness ratios, when compared with three dimensional plate analysis. This showed that exact 3D plate theory is more reliable than the shear deformation theory which are quite coarse for thick plate analysis.


Doi: 10.28991/esj-2021-01320

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3D SSSS Plate; Variational Technique; Governing Equation; Shear Correction Factors; Deflection; Trigonometric Displacement Functions.


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DOI: 10.28991/esj-2021-01320


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