Modeling and Implementing Nonlinear Equations in Solid-State Lasers for Studying their Performance

Ali Roudehghat Shotorbani, Hassan Rasooli Saghai


In this paper, the effect of radius variation of beam light on output efficacy of SFD Yttrium aluminium borate laser doped with Neodymium ion, which is simultaneously a non-linear and active laser crystal, is investigated in a double-pass cavity. This is done with a concave lens that concentrates (Reduction of optical radius within nonlinear material) as much optical laser as possible, resulting in increasing the laser efficiency, second harmonic and the population inversion difference. In this study, we first developed five discrete differential equations describing the interactions of 807 nm pump beam, 1060nm laser beam and 530nm second harmonic beam. Output efficiencies of laser and second harmonic beams at pumping power of Pp =20W and beam radius of 5μm have been presented. Meanwhile, in this paper, the first experiment for creating second harmonic in solid state lasers was fully described with a figure and its procedure was investigated and then the equations (second harmonic and laser and population inversion) were studied. Radius variation of beam light aims at increasing laser output efficacy and improving second harmonic and population inversion. The analytic methods which have been solved the discrete differential equations via Matlab.


Yttrium Aluminum Borate Laser; Non-Linear and Active Laser Crystal; Pump; Neodymium Ion; Beam Radius.


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DOI: 10.28991/esj-2018-01130


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